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Map it all

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Our mapping feature allows you to communicate clearly with your customers, office staff and crew. Plant markers easily identify trees on your customer’s property and link to plant stats, work history and photo details.


Work from any device with an internet connection (and ample screen size). Nothing to install or set up. Simply log in and access current information from anywhere. No more wondering when a customer or staff member calls with a question about a site – just pull it up on your portable device and immediately access sites, proposals, invoices, etc.

Powerful Reporting

Dashboard reporting that allows you to make data driven decisions. You’re not in the dark anymore!

Schedule all your tasks, sales and jobs.

Schedule appointments and jobs. View by day, week or Agenda. Make scheduling easy and efficient. Synch with googlae calendars, add guests and more.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

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Reports that matter

Easy reporting with plenty of options. Accepted Services, Close Rate, Customer Assets, Work Order List, and more coming all the time.

Photos that work for you

Attach photos for any asset. Mark pruning or cutting instructions right in the program. Communicate clearly with your customers and crew. Eliminate mistakes and misunderstandings.

QuickBooks® integration

Synch TreeHub invoices with QuickBooks and auto update TreeHub invoices when accepting payments in QBs

Setup is quick and painless. No credit card required.

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