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Real tree people with real business problems to solve.

The point of any software should be to help its users solve problems. TreeHub identifies communication problems as the largest issue in the tree business. To solve this problem we have developed a solution using an easily accessible web-based system that uses visual data like maps and photos to seamlessly unite trees, services, staff, and customers together generating much harmony and increasing close rates on sales calls.

We are not finished. We are continuing to refine what we have built into an even more user-friendly experience while developing new features all the time

We are the new standard in tree management. It just makes sense.

Our Team

Marshall Badeaux

Marshall Badeaux


He started climbing professionally in his teens. At age twenty-nine he started Charleston Tree Experts in Charleston, SC. Customer demands expanded the business into plant health care and consulting. Marshall quickly realized the tools of the day were not sufficient. How to communicate across sales, office, techs, crews, customers and regulatory agencies while managing the needs of a single tree amongst so many thousands? The solution came in a simple idea. The idea that information needs to be accessible, really accessible, and that it needs to be represented visually with maps and pictures, not just with words, spreadsheets, reports and graphs. Marshall continues to drive the direction of TreeHub by listening not only to his own practical experience but to the massive experience of the real people actually making their living caring for trees and using TreeHub.

Ashley Connelly

Ashley Connelly

Business Development Manager

Ashley began her professional career in the legal field as a paralegal for 12 years. With an eye for details and a desire to be outdoors, she daringly pursued a career change to arboriculture. An analytical skill set a decade in the making translated well and has equipped Ashley with professionalism and a personal touch unprecedented in the industry. As a Sales Arborist by day and Business Development Manager by night, she uses TreeHub at the front lines daily while assisting to design and implement growth behind the scenes. The software is the center of every action Ashley takes in a day. From first contact to report processing, it’s a hub of each customer’s information to access and use for all aspects of business retention and development. Ashley believes TreeHub is the missing link to a clear line of communication in an industry dependent on understanding and carrying out a customer’s needs. Being able to specify intent and expectations through editable service descriptions and visual representations satisfies both a need to communicate while also protecting a company’s liability. Ashley’s drive to make a difference and raise industry standards only ensures of a potential for immeasurable growth with her on your team.

Our Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for creating TreeHub! It has improved the way we do business exponentially. I can't tell you how relieved I am that we have this technology. The capability is limitless, the precision unheard of, and the intuitive ease of use is incredible. From the bottom of my heart and our bottom line, we say Thank you!
Preservation Tree Care

Business owner, Colorado, USA

by the way, your proposal is very nicely formatted. I deal with proposals from every sub in the business, in the hundreds, on a big project, and some folks can confuse the hell out of me. It is refreshing to have a proposal that is clearly defined. There is no misinterpreting what you are pricing. Thanks
Taddiken Tree Company Inc

From a customer accepting a bid, Colorado, USA

I have tried other arborist software and it was very difficult to do my job efficiently. TreeHub took no time to start using the system properly. When I tried TreeHub it just made sense. I have switched my company over and will be a customer for life.

This program allows me to create a very effective, detailed proposal that is clear for my clients and is easily printed as a work order. The ability to upload and edit photos allows me to give clear direction to the crew without having to be on site. It also makes it very clear to the client when we are removing specific limbs. The great thing about this program is that I can easily add or remove trees from a service once a proposal has been created. This is a huge time saver when a client calls or we need to make changes.
Sales Arborist

The mapping feature in TreeHub is great. It is so helpful to be able to actually see where the trees are on a property. It is an invaluable everyday tool for our crews to be able to use.
Office Manager

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